Unveiling the Art of Prospecting

Unveiling the Art of Prospecting: Insights from Nic Skovgaard of AlterEgo Marketing

Jakayla Sherrod
SIU Carbondale—CoBA Management
Hello everyone! Today I am going to dissect the art of prospecting in this world that we call business. Prospecting is a very crucial element that can often make or break a business. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nic Skovgaard, the genius behind AlterEgo Marketing to discuss his unique and successful approach to prospecting and brand development. Our conversation was enlightening and inspiring, shedding light on his remarkable journey marketing strategies.
The Philosophy of Prospecting
Nic Skovgaard shared a profound philosophy that guides his approach to prospecting: “The secret of life is to put so much good out into the world, that it can’t help but find its way back to you.” This quote broadcasts the uniqueness behind AlterEgo Marketing’s approach to prospecting and sales. His belief is that when you build trust in the community and do right by others, prospects will naturally gravitate towards you. Unlike the methods that are taught in college courses, Nic’s approach revolves around referrals and participating in unpaid speaking events. This way, he has a stronger possibility in forming genuine connections that build long-lasting relationships.
Timing and Intent: The Heart of Prospecting
The goal isn’t just about making quick sales; it’s about making potential customers feel like valued individuals. As Nic puts it, “Value is what you get, and price is what you pay for.” This strongly stems from Nic’s genuine desire to provide value and make customers feel valued. A seller can create a win-win relationship where customers recognize the worth beyond the price.
Humanizing Prospecting: Building a Community
While traditional methods have their place, Nic emphasized the need to humanize prospecting. Building a community within the organization and with customers is a key aspect of AlterEgo Marketing’s strategy. He believes that sales are essentially a transference of confidence, and this confidence stems from believing in the product or service being offered. If the salesperson does not believe in what they’re offerings, how can they expect their customers to believe? By investing in relationships and building trust, the company cultivates a unique approach to prospecting that emphasizes authenticity.
Aligning Prospecting with Sales: The Power of Authenticity
For AlterEgo, a good prospect isn’t just someone showing interest in their products or services; it’s someone they can genuinely help, and who trusts them in return. By embodying the belief in the product and keeping promises, a salesperson creates a genuine and trustworthy image. Authenticity in prospecting translates into authenticity in sales.
Efficient Prospect Tracking: The Role of Technology
While AlterEgo Marketing currently uses Basecamp for prospect tracking, Nic acknowledges the need for further improvements, including a comprehensive CRM system. The focus remains on maintaining clarity and transparency, especially in cases where prospects are not fully committed, ensuring honest communication about the right course of action. Interestingly, AlterEgo Marketing’s most significant successes often come from prospects who express a genuine desire to work with them.
The Power of Pre-call Information: Finding Common Ground
Nic’s approach to pre-call information revolves around finding commonality and sparking curiosity. Rather than focusing on specific data, he emphasizes the importance of establishing a genuine connection and generating a meaningful conversation. AlterEgo Marketing uses various sources like Google, news articles, and social media to connect with individuals. This ensures a more personalized and humanized interaction which perfectly aligns with the philosophy that Nic lives by.
Nic Skovgaard’s approach to prospecting and brand development reflects a deep-rooted passion for sales, authenticity, and building meaningful relationships. It’s a reminder that success in marketing and sales isn’t just about strategies; it’s about the genuine connections we build and the value we bring into the world. As aspiring sales professionals, we can connect with the philosophy that AlterEgo Marketing operates by. If this is something that you wish to achieve, connect with AlterEgo. Let’s normalize the desire to humanize our efforts and prioritize authenticity and relationships above all.

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