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The focus of UCOA Metals is to unite contractors in a formidable group offering multiple benefits which could never be achieved as an individual contractor acting alone.

UCOA is owned and operated by a diverse group of individuals with over 50 years of experience in contracting, sales, and retail roofing metal and building materials. We spent years building powerful relationships with major manufactures throughout the United States, assuming the role of mediary between the smaller contractors and the manufacturers. UCOA provides the credibility to the smaller contractor, allowing them to work with the number one metal manufactures in the country!

Client: Rick Nannie
Industry: Metal, Construction 
Services: Web Design, search engine marketing, print projects, logo refresh

United Contractors of America offers a personalized customer service experience which, as a result, allows a contractor the ability to purchase multiple brands of building components and roofing metal from a single source. We offer convenient ordering, payments, support, and delivery.

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