Miss Illinois Isabelle Hanson

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The Mission of Miss America 2.0 is: Prepare great women for the world. Prepare the world for great women.

In that same vein, preparing a contestant to effectively compete on a national stage requires a strategic plan. Because of the shift to Miss America 2.0, contestants must be ready to face challenging interviews and heavily advocate for their social impact initiatives.

Client: Isabelle Hanson
Industry: Pageantry, Education, & Philanthropy
Services: Web Design, Social Media, & Print Design

For nearly 100 years, the Miss America Organization has been committed to empowering women to become leaders, activists and change-makers. Miss America is so much more than its annual telecast. From the sale of war bonds during World War II to AIDS advocacy in the 1990s, Miss Americas have lifted their voices to champion worthy causes and make a difference. Today, this unique program continues as a year-round experience, allowing young women to earn scholarships, grow their networks, develop valuable life and career skills and find their voices in the push for a better world. We need your help to continue providing these valuable opportunities for women in Illinois.
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