Let The Sun Shine In

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Let The Sun Shine In was established in 2016 as a Southern Illinois conservation program dedicated to restoring and maintaining southern Illinois’s Oak Ecosystems. LSSI works with federal, state, local, nongovernmental partners, and private landowners with the goals of addressing threats to woodland and forest communities, maintaining biodiversity, and reducing forest fragmentation. By emphasizing the need for more sunlight in oak forests, LSSI created a science-based theme that has garnered tremendous public support and served to bring together a wide variety of partners. Equally important, the creation of priority forest clusters has allowed partners to focus and prioritize management activities and get the biggest bang for their conservation bucks.
Client: Mike Baltz
Industry: Forestry, Forest Restoration
Services: Web Design & Web Development
"I honestly enjoyed working with the staff at AlterEgo Marketing on the revamp of our conservation website letthesunshinein.life. They were very helpful and especially motivating when I started to lose steam during the process and they were always available to talk. I have recommended AlterEgo to several other conservation groups with similar needs and I think they could be creating a nice little niche for themselves."
Michael Eric Baltz, PhD
Let the Sun Shine In, Coordinator
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