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Working with Grab and Go Games was so much fun. Not only has Donovan Lemay been someone I've known for a long time, but he is also an intelligent business owner with a clear plan and vision. Over the course of our work together, we were able to completely rebrand the company and launch it in a way that really took on the personality of the community it serves. Donovan has set out to make a place for like minded individuals to hand out, play games, and foster a sense of community that they just can't find anywhere else. Donovan's vision on his long term goals for both his business and his business' growth have been crystal clear since the very beginning. It is always such a pleasure to work with a business owner who really knows where they want their vision to take their business. 
Client: Donovan Lemay
Industry: Retail, Cards & Collectibles
Services: Rebrand, Logo, Logo Identity Systems
"Working with the Grab and Go Games brand is so much fun. They have a unique style and overall feeling to their products that attracts such a fun audience. This persona
allows me as a designer to have fun with the designs and really change up that stigma on "professional" branded material. Who doesn't love the idea of making playing cards and a car wrap with a dragon bursting out the side of it?"

-Peyton Schnurr, Graphic Designer 
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