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As a St. Louis Law Firm Flesner-Wentzel knows how important it is to stand out. Erika and Mayra work hard to deliver a sense of care, authenticity and personality into an industry that oftentimes is known for anything but. They aren't afraid to go out on a limb and ruffle a few feathers in the process so we knew we were going to have to dive in deep on every project. We knew this wasn't going to be your typical law firm client the second they told us what was going on their very first t-shirts. We cannot say enough about how fun these two have been to work with and what an impact they have had on us in the process! From their new website to the very controversial #OwnYourInsult campaign Flesner-Wentzel was swinging for the fences all the way.

Client: Mayra Flesner & Erika Wentzel 
Industry: Legal
Services: Web Design, Apparel, Print Design

"AlterEgo recently re-designed our website and our phone wont stop ringing. They took our brand and needs and made us stand out in our market as well as provide the information people want. This company knows what they're doing and I highly recommend them. Thanks for all your hard work. Can't wait for our next project!"
Mayra Flesner, Co-Owner & Co-Founder

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