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The Awesome Materials Group specializes in eco-friendly, non epoxy flooring for high performance environments. They set the bar high for sustainability, performance, customer service, and project delivery. They have years of experience in solving the toughest flooring challenges using their unique ZERO-VOC non epoxy flooring materials that go on thicker and outperform epoxies in adhesion and elongation. Guaranteed not to delaminate or chip. These materials are flexible, breathable and best of all - are made from natural ingredients! 
Client: Michael Arnold
Industry: Commercial & Residential Flooring Services
Services: Logo Design and logo usage guide
Awesome Materials Group searched far and wide for materials that offer an order-of-magnitude improvement over traditional means and methods of construction in cost, sustainability or install-ability. In the resinous flooring world, the product universe is filled with toxic materials that emit nasty VOC's are dangerous for workmen to install and dangerous for building occupants to breathe.
Made from natural ingredients - castor oil and gypsum- plasticized gypsum is the eco-friendly, NON-EPOXY floor solution!
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