The Ordeal

Nervously Charlee picked up The Plan and walked to the front of the office.

“Ex-” Charlee coughed, “Excuse me! I would like to get everyone’s attention”

Dreary gray eyes lifted over the cubicles with the sounds of creaking chairs.

“We are all here for a reason,” Charlee exclaimed. Someone three rows back scoffed and began clicking at their keyboard again. “A reason more than to get paid. We used to love coming here. We got excited and pushed for change. As a community we all gathered and pitched ideas and joked around the coffee pot. We strived for excellence and persevered no matter what anyone told us.” Charlee looked around desperately. A few faces had raised a quizzical brow.
“Marianne!” A small framed woman ducked a little behind her particle board fortress. “Marianne, remember when you got the Davis account and we all brainstormed around the conference table?” A shy nod in reply.

“Davey, do you remember when you spent hours diving into the Maple budget report and found out that they could be saving over three thousand dollars a month?” Davey perked up, smiled a little, and nodded.

“And Laila, you have got to remember the time you single handedly restored all of the data from the Springer servers after we all thought for sure they were fried?” Laila chuckled and replied, “Hell yeah, I do!” A few cubicles around her chuckled and one high five came over the divider.

“We are all capable of so many amazing things, guys! And I know you still have it in you, it just got a little lost. But this can help be our guide,” Charlee held up The Plan and the crowd locked eyes with it. “With this, we can change everything! I am ready to change the world, are you?” Charlee hadn’t realized the volume their voice had risen to until they were out of breath. Quietly looking around, Charlee lowered The Plan to their chest and sighed.

Then everyone jumped up from their chairs. Some were hooting, some were yelling, but everyone was cheering. Charlee looked over at Marianne whose yellow dress had blossomed. Davey’s bowtie burst with tangerine stripes. Laila’s slacks flooded into a muted navy blue with subtle robin egg pinstripes. All around them colors exploded which only made the crowd louder. Charlee’s cheeks ached from smiling so big. This moment was going to change everything.

“Alright, let’s start.”

We are ready to change the world... are you?