The Ordinary World

It is an average Monday, of an average week, during an average year. Charlee, grabs their things, and heads off to work. After trudging up the stairs and into the office, they are met with endless rows of cubicles, boring carpet, and the same rehearsed pleasantries. ‘Good morning,’ ‘good morning to you too,’ Charlee goes to fill up their coffee mug. 
The rich steam from the pot hits their face as they start to feel the same warm sensation on their feet. “Gosh Da-” Charlee exclaims. The mug had cracked and hot coffee pooled on the floor. Frantically looking around for towels, Charlee pauses. This is the same break room they had seen a hundred times with the same coffee pot brewing the same coffee day in and day out. Connected to the same office, where the windows opened up into the same weary city. The monotony of the crowd was deafening.
As they sat in the same cubicles where the carpet was worn from years of rolling chairs back and forth. Charlee’s heart started to thud and the sudden rush made their ears hot. What am I doing? They thought. The last year came rushing back to them along with vague memories of small sparks of life. There had been a birthday, a night out with friends, a morning commute with a particularly favorite song, but it was all so…gray. They loved what they did, loved the work, and the people, but there had to be something more.