Crossing The Threshold

Charlee grabs the handle and takes a deep breath. Here goes nothing. As they push it open they see flashes of red everywhere, but there are more now. Greens of hanging plants, blue hues woven into the carpet, rich browns of leather chairs and oak tables, and shiny gold of lamps and handles.
“Hi!” a voice said.

Charlee had to remind themselves that their jaw was hanging open before they muttered back, “Hello.”

“What can we do for you today?” The voice belonged to a woman sitting behind a large L-shaped desk, she was pretty with deep brown eyes.

“I, uh..” Charlee muttered. What can they do for me? “I followed signs to your door, I think my office needs help. The people there, they seem stuck.” Charlee swallowed.

“Why don’t you have a seat?”
Charlee was greeted by the team, and they all sat together while Charlee told the story. They began when they started at their company. It was livelier then, they worked with a purpose, heart and drive. But somewhere along the way it got dimmer. Founders got older and left, and they were replaced with people who knew how to do the job, but only on the surface. They knew the buttons to press, the phrases to say, but there was nothing behind it. The color had drained and all that was left was the same coffee in the same mugs. Then Charlee told the story of the car, then the phone booth, and the sticker. The team shared glances and smiles before returning their attention to them. And Charlee did something they never imagined before, they