Crossing The Threshold continued...

The team began an organized frenzy, papers were being printed, questions asked, ideas shot out left and right, binders pulled off shelves, and at the center of it was Charlee.

The team and Charlee spent hours talking, coordinating, planning, plotting, meeting, and brainstorming. As the dust settled, they looked down at their creation. It beamed. It was a plan for the company. A strategic approach to filling the office back up with that life and drive it once had. A way to connect with people like they never could have imagined. A chance to tell their story and break the cycle of just filling cubicles. A fresh start.
All they had to do now was bring it back to the office first thing in the morning. Tell everyone of the plan and watch the room fill back up with color like they knew possible. Charlee thanked and shook the hands of everyone on the team and cradled the plan as if it was more fragile than a ream of paper and sticky notes actually was. The team gifted Charlee with a shiny red enamel pin with the outline of a phone booth on it. Charlee smiled and turned.