The Call to Adventure

A flash of something caught Charlee’s eye. Something different in this somber monotone world. The alarm button on their car keys that dangled from the corner of their cubicle. It looked different, but they could not describe it. They ran over, quickly scooped them up along with their coat, briefcase, and other personal belongings and bolted for the stairwell. A few passing glances at the mundane crowd and fewer glances back. They stormed through the door and down the stairs, missing a few, but being driven by something beyond them. As they reached the ground level they could see the light creeping in from the outside world. They leaned forward into the door, but stopped before the latch could release. Their palm growing cold pressed against the metal crash bar. Charlee’s thoughts began to pile on top of them. A flurry of “what-ifs” and “how will I” questions swirled around Charlee’s head. Their breath began to fog the glass of the door.