Unveiling the Art of Prospecting

Hello everyone! Today I am going to dissect the art of prospecting in this world that we call
business. Prospecting is a very crucial element that can often make or break a business. Recently,
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nic Skovgaard, the genius behind AlterEgo Marketing to
discuss his unique and successful approach to prospecting and brand development. Our
conversation was enlightening and inspiring, shedding light on his remarkable journey marketing

Preparing for Your New Website: 10 Steps before Meeting AlterEgo

So you are ready to get your new website underway, and you think AlterEgo is the team for the job, that’s great! We are excited to take this journey with you! We know you are probably excited about your brand new online real estate, which is why we are here to give you some tips you can use to make sure your website is ready to thrive as soon as it's launched! 

The Steps to Take Before your AlterEgo Website Meeting. 

Starting simple: Who are you? 

We start off fun, like yourself who you are, what is your brand image currently? Remember, it's your audience that decides how you are viewed, not you. Luckily, you can use this to set goals. How are you viewed by your audience now? What is your ideal public image? What are the must-haves to make your dream brand a reality? This will help us, help you make it happen!

Have your photos gathered 

What's a website without pictures? Make sure to collect all of the fabulous photos you have taken, that you know you want on your website. If you are using photos that you haven;t taken yourself, make sure you have the right to use them! Don’t have photos? Don’t worry, just ask the team at AlterEgo, and we would be happy to help you get the photos you need! 

Lets get Colorful 

Every brand has its colors. It's what makes you, you! Colors are the best way to define a brand identity, and we would be happy to help you with yours. If you know the HEX codes of your colors, that will be super helpful, but even if you don’t we can help! Want to change your colors, or don;t know what colors work best? Ask! Once we have an idea of your brand identity, we can help you find the colors that will make your brand shine!

Lets get Fearless with Fonts 

You want to make your brand BOLD, which goes from your head to your toes, or in our case, your website to your text. Fonts can be a great way to subtly indicate to your audience what your brand personality is, and how you like to communicate. Are you fun and whimsical? Are you reliable, and trustworthy? Are you efficient and skilled? Let's find out together! 

Learning from your Heros 

One of the best ways to understand what you want in a website is to take inspiration from websites you already love. What do your competitors' sites look like? Who are your heroes in the industry? What are their sites like? We are never ones to copy and paste, but we sure can take an idea, and not only make it original, but undoubtedly beautiful, and unquestionably you! 

What does your site need to be capable of? 

Anyone can have a pretty website, but only the best brands have a pretty website that also gives a simple, and efficient customer experience. Are you selling things on your site? What is your ultimate goal? Conversions? Emails? Calls? The team at AlterEgo are proud content engineers, ready to design your content, layout, and site capabilities to fit your business goals! 

What’s our time line look like? 

Of course, we want to work around the timeline that fits your business! Is it crunch time? Ok! It's time to focus on a fast, efficient, and visually engaging site that will convert like crazy! Have some time to work? Let’s do it! The team at AlterEgo is ready to dig into the details, read between the lines, and create a breathtaking website that is as technically advanced as it is easy to navigate. 

Who is Ready for Post-Launch Edits? 

Alright, you made it all the way through, you have a beautiful website, and you are ready to release your new brand out into the world! Don’t forget, who's gonna make edits! If you choose to strike out on your own after your time with AlterEgo, you may still need to edit information on your site, write some blogs, and do general site maintenance. That is why it is always good to have someone in mind before the metaphorical first nail is set on your online construction site. 

How is that Logo Looking? 

Is your logo fuzzy? Does it need to be updated? Do you have one? Your logo is going to be the focal point of your website, so let's make sure it shines! If you don’t know where to start with your logo, don’t worry! AlterEgo’s graphic design team has years of experience crafting stunning logos, graphics, and designs that make your brand stand out from the rest of the pack. 

 Do you have an existing site? 

The beginning of every website meeting will begin with this question. Whether your site has been up for years, or it's brand new, it's always a good starting point. Obviously, if you have a site, you are looking to transform it into something bigger and better, but existing sites are a great starting point to engineer into a beautiful high performing professional website! (And that's our specialty).

Let's take the first step together 

If you are ready to take the first step and start your journey towards a bigger, bolder, and better brand, contact AlterEgo Marketing today. We can’t wait to work with you!